A New Beginning!

Bree was turned in to the Humane Society. Some things don’t always work out the way we would like them to. Bree has severe skin allergies and the adopters could no longer afford the medicine at a whopping $278 a month. Banfield told the young couple their best option was to turn her over to the Humane Society so that someone that could afford the meds would adopt her. Well the people there assured the young couple that they would find her a great home. Needless to say, I was contacted because our name was on the chip. I was told that she needed to be picked up. They said if I did not pick her up at a specified time, 6:00 pm they would have to move forward. I asked what that meant. I asked if she was adoptable. I had absolutely no fostet and was at a bad place for finding one. He told me they would euthanize her. A different story from what he told the young couple. I asked what her issues were. He said she had skin issues and they felt she was not adoptable. I understand their reasoning . There are too many healthy dogs that need homes. . But at least speak the truth. This girl was very much loved by her family. They thought they were doing the right thing for her. The video below shows her at my vet getting checked out and getting prescriptions for her hot itchy skin. Please be sure that when you turn your dog in, you are not always being told the truth, or at least realize that you could be giving up their life. She is now safe and living a comfy life with a great family that will care for her until we can get her allergies under control. https://actnowrescue.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/img_6335.mov

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