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I have never met this man. His name is Dan Fraggatta.! He contacted me on PM and said that he had approached his HR person Mark, and explained what our rescue did and how we were struggling and asked him if there was any way they would consider making a donation. Mark called me and we had a great conversation. He told me that Dan was a great person and asset to their company. After our conversation he said the company would donate to the little rescue that could. This is an act of kindness I never expected! A huge thank you to
Craftsmen Industries Inc. 3101 Elm Point Industrial Dr.
St.Charles Mo 63301
Your generosity is over whelming!
And thank you Dan!

Dan did this !
I know the feeling, when I was in Iowa, I found a cpl pups running the road…. ….that led to finding out there was no shelter, I got involved with a few people that tried from there homes, I was in construction and ended up volunteering my crew to build the building and set up a shelter that now is huge and running wonderfully!!
This was another of his acts of Kindness to our 4 legged friends!


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