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Left Behind!

I am not sure what happens in a persons life. I am not certain why decisions are made. These poor dogs were left to fend for themselves when the property owners packed up and moved to Texas. It is uncertain how long they were there after the abandonment, but there was a plea for rescue as early as Monday. It was a momma with six, day old babies, a four month old pup, and a year old male. The person who posted these dogs was kind enough to try and feed them and even supplied a small heater for momma and babies. Rescues were tagged, no one stepped up. Everyone is full. But we are rescuers and it is our responsibility to make sure dogs are safe. For three days these dogs could have been saved. Today, they knew what it was to be rescued. Unfortunately the four month old pup has disappeared. The momma and seven pups have a place to call home until they are ready for adoption. The black male dog is by far the sweetest dog I have met in a long time. He is gentle, unassuming and very eager to please. And smart, I might add. The foster had a fish sandwich on the dash and Brody, as he was named, helped himself while the foster was out of the car for several minutes. The first taste of real food in a long time. The person who posted these dogs will continue to search for the puppy, praying he is safe.

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