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Love Is In The Air

So it was that a wonderful foster Lezlie Jo became a foster fail to a cute little pup. Cruz was needing lots of love and Lezlie’s family had a lot to give! Things were fine for several years! He was the prince of the pac and of course he got all the attention! Lezlie continued to foster. Cruz was standoffish. He wanted them to leave! And of course they eventually got adopted and moved on to their new homes. But then, something happened. Lezlie Jo saw Ellie and knew this tiny baby needed her. Ellie was glee infested and she had huge knots in her hair! She was sweet and somewhat “cute” weighing less than 10 lbs this little girl needed a human to love her. Lezlie Jo was up to the challenge. Ellie got a much needed bath, and her knots were cut out. Some good doggie perfume and a new Ellie emerged. Someone took notice! Cruz could not take his eyes off her! They became an “item” it’s close to Spring. Maybe Cruz got bit by the ” Love Bug” not sure what’s going to happen when Miss Ellie finds her forever family! Will Cruz pack his food bowl and go with her? Only time will tell!

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