Mamie MAMIE UPDATE you may remember this little pooch from the cute cat video earlier this week. Well ( renamed) Mamie saw the doc today. Along with her chicken wing leg she has a 4-5 degree heart murmur, a mouth of rotten teeth , and a large abdominal hernia After all the options were considered it was agreed the best plan for her was to not remove the leg. It was felt since we don’t know how long the leg has been that way removing it may not be in her best interest. She is ambulatory now with the leg in its present state. Along with the fact it would lengthen her time under anesthesia for the procedures she did need that would improve your daily life. Right now she is still at vet but I will do updates on how she is recovering. Mamie is and will be looking for long term placement. She is up in years but has a huge spirit and a lot of play still left in her and For whatever time she has left in this crazy world we want it to be a beautiful life surrounded by people who love her. If you are interested in meeting Mamie plz contact me directly. Once she is recovered from surgery we would gladly do introductions. Tammy Act Now Rescue Text/phone 6187978605

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