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Norbert tells his story!

I am not sure where it began. I know I was in a bad place as a pup. Very little food, living out in the cold, no love, no one knew I existed. That all changed one day. I was “rescued” I actually went to a home where I was allowed in doors. There were many dogs but the PAC accepted me immediately. I was only six months old, but life was finally good! I went to “adoption” events. A young girl threw her arms around me and said I just had to come home with her. I was spoiled. But I was in my chewing stage and I guess Grandma got mad at me when I chewed a hole in her nice recliner. She said I had to go back. I still miss my girl. Back into foster I went. I was with my best friend Twinkie again and we played all the time. Several months passed by. Another family finally picked me. I was going to my forever home. Life was ok. They had another dog that bullied me around. I missed my foster family. Finally after 7 months my “forever” family decided I needed to go back to the rescue. The other dog just kept trying to beat me up. Once again I was returned. This time, since I had grown considerably, Twinkie did not remember me. He was afraid of me and didn’t want to play. I was sad. My life was not turning out the way I thought it should. Adoption events made me nervous. They never seemed to do any good for me. A woman approached me at an event. She scared me. I thought she was going to hit me. I snapped at her arm. Well, I was told I could no longer come back to the adoption events. That was ok by me. So, I hung out with my mom. My new best friend was Max. We played a lot. Then one day, Mom and Dad took me for a “ride” to a nearby fast food place. It was busy with lots of cars. I was afraid. This was something I had never done before. We got out and walked around. Then these people came towards us. I felt the need to protect my Mom. I growled. I wasn’t happy. I was nervous. I tried to get away from them. But then the man left. He came back a few minutes later and offered me some really good smelling food! Maybe this wasn’t so bad! We finally got back in the car, we went home. A week later, another car ride. This time we went to a house. Those nice people with the good smelling food were inside! And guess what? They had more good food. I walked around and sniffed everything I thought worthy of sniffing. We stayed a long time and Mom and Dad even left me there alone with the nice people. They finally came back. We got in the car again and drove away. Mom said that was going to be my new home. I was happy! They just had to get their dog through surgery and I would be going to stay with them forever. But then Mom was telling Dad that the nice man had been in a terrible “accident” my adoption was put on hold. I know Mom said my nice new friend was really hurt . I am sad and afraid once more. My life is pitiful. Maybe I would have been better off if I had never survived my early beginning.

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