This little girl was fortunate enough to be rescued. The man that had her posted her as a stray. He wanted her gone. She was another of many Semo throwaways! The man said she kept trying to get in his house and that was just not going to happen. He said he could not afford to feed her either. Funny but when we finally found someone to foster this sweet girl, and we contacted the mans wife, she wanted $50 for this pup. Donna Gause went on a journey to rescue this poor emaciated pup. She found her wandering around away from the home and just took her. After all , she was a Stray. The foster mom, Kathy, met Donna in Farmington to take the pup home and to safety. Cuddle bug slept the entire trip home. This poor pup was so emaciated. She has a serious skin condition. She is missing lots of hair. She is safe now and will receive tender loving care from a foster mom who does incredible things with these pups who need the help to be whole again.

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