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She deserves to live!

Poor Sweetie came into rescue in 2016. It was an emergency. She was located in Fredericktown Mo. one and a half hours south of St.Louis. It was 10:00 pm.the call came in. The dog had six puppies. She was found in a wooden box. The temp earlier that day, soared over the 100 degree mark earlier that day. This dog was in heat distress. She had no desire to care for her pups.Tammy, without hesitation drove the distance to save this family. Sweetie was saved, along with pups. She needed to be hydrated and a cool room was provided for her comfort.Tammy cared for the pups while Sweetie recouped from the cruelty she had been dealt. Eventually the pups were adopted out and Sweetie made a full recovery. This dog was very untrustworthy and did not like people. It took her a long time to Trust Tammy. Eventually they bonded. She was surrounded by other dogs, family dogs, and she did not like these dogs. They were a threat. On occasion she would attack these dogs. The last altercation resulted in a small Shitzu losing her eye. We are asking for help. She needs to find a home that has no other dogs, and absolutely no children. It would take her time to warm up to someone but it would be for life. We are looking for someone who has the desire to love this poor abused baby for the rest of her life. We are willing to pay for her food and routine vet care for the rest of her life! Are you that person?

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